Joy of missing out

March 16, 2018

Today I took part in the jomo workshop. I went in with the intention of trying on my piece around other humans and have interactions. But that went out the window, we ended up choosing to have the performers circulate the materials ever 5 minuets.  I was really open to this as it allowed to play around with other peoples material and sound equipment that I've never used before. After my experience with dancers last week I was also very excited to watch other performance artists wear my pieces. I gave no directions, simply wanting them to experiment as much as possible. People instinctual worn the cones on there hands and used them to interact with objects, others were used to create sculpture forms them placing them around the room and the head cone was worn on the top of the head like a wizard hat the majority of the time. Things all became very chaotic ad loose, it was really freeing when everyone was just doing loads of different things, I felt free to move and free of any judgement. I'm not sure if this could be considered an artwork as such more of a therapy or a creative process, or perhaps just being a human for a while. 


Jomo Score:


5m- observe space, try to understand the environment, think about where you fit within it.

5m- Place cones on hands feet and face and explore area using spacial awareness alone to understand your surroundings. 

5m- take bironal recording equipment and walk around space using mainly your new ears to guid you, pay close attention to speakers and sound equipment.

1m-stand completely still.

10m- Take annalog camra with no film in it, walk around the not capturing mirrors, feet, rocks and screens.

10m- join conaga line, follow leader eacxadly, calber through window, walk out in garden, lead though uni into belmont and bow around a student.

2m- giggle about what you just did on your walk back to the life room.

5m-climb into an empty bin, feel the bag around you, it presses against you. Rock back and forth repeatedly.

10m- Take bin bags from bin and blow them up with your breath, sucure them with a not. Make 3. After this fill the bags by running arcoss the room with the bag above your head and catch the air make a knot make as many as you can.

3m- fill the bin with the bags, and kick any excess around the room for other performers. Drop head first into the airfilled bags and feel them slowly deflate around you.

10m- blow up 3 more bags, move to the center of the room and lie face down on the bags, and wait for your face to slowly come in contact with the hard wood floor.

5m- sit for a while and watch the chaos around you.

5m- play with sound equipment for 5.

3m- when called, move to the corner of the room and crouch with fellow performers as tightly as possible.  







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