Foot prosthesis? (ft Matthew Barney)

February 28, 2018

 After making and really liking my arm prosthetics , I wondered what it would look/feel like on other limbs, I began thinking about hock joint at the back of the many 4 legged animals have. If you look closely at a goat, horse or dog leg they have a hock joint on thier hind legs that bends in an opposite direction that our legs do, what if I were to attach a prosthetic to my feet creating this kind of joint. It really does feel like something as simple as this elongation of the foot to create a backwards bend at the ankle is enough to capture this sense of animal.


Some examples of this can be found all over the place. Simply imagining Mr Tumnus from the Narnia books you visualise this hock joint.


For a more artistic examples of a use of prosthesis such as these I look to the creatures made in Matthew Barney's films Cremaster Cycle. There are many wonderful, visual instances involving manipulation of the human body to make it appear animal or other within these films. I am actually a little disappointed I didn't think of this artist earlier! I feel his work would have been really relevant to my work last term, especially when I think of his themes of creation, birth and I strongly connect it to my images of pink pigs with multiple teats for suckling. 


This look with this cheetah lady is amazing! Her lower half of captures my attention I feel the manipulation of her limbs is what makes this look feel so bizarre and alien to us even with looking at the facial prosthesis. Of coarse this actress is missing the lower part of her legs and it allows for the prosthesis to merge seamlessly with her form. 





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