Cafe Morte, 25 word novel

February 15, 2018

"Studies show brain activity surges to a conscious level after death is pronounced, what did she think after she had passed? Was she sorry, terrified or relived?"


Here is the result of our brief to create a 25 word novel based around death. I came up with this one from research about what happens at the exact point of death. Researchers have found that there is a mysterious surge of brain activity just after death. After reading multiple articles I found that it seems there is no definitive reason for this, some said that its simply the neurons firing as the use up the last bursts of energy, others say the brain activity simulates the state of a deep sleep, others say it is a conscious or even hyper perspective state. One articular in particular said studies have shown that some subjects exhibit brain activity for up to ten minuets after ones heart and breathing have stopped and they have been pronounced dead. 


I than wanted to give what I found some sort of narrative so I paired this information with my thoughts on an incident with a girl I used to go to primary school with, who had committed suicide alone, in one of the barns in my village last year. As I come from a very close nit rural community it really effected the entire village. And so I tied this idea of being able to have one last thought after death with her tragic passing. 


I am not exactly an experienced poet, so I struggled to capture all my thoughts on these two subjects, but it is at least provoking. 









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