Thomas Thwaites

February 2, 2018


Thomas Thwaites is a British designer who decided to attempt to live as a goat for a shot period of time. He spent months of his life researching, building prosthetics and an artificial goat stomach so he could eat grass. He journeyed to the alps and did in fact live as a goat for a while. Apparently he did this to get away from the difficult of being a human. 


Quite an amazing feat, of course as a designer Thwaites was focused on the functionality of this work in accomplish his goal to live as a goat. But I found such beauty in his prosthetics, I find the movement of the front legs really fascinating. Watching the movement of him stumble around on these limbs is oddly disconcerting but I am sure this is simply our fear we tend to feel when viewing humans become animal.


This is in part what inspired me to have ago at making a prosthetic in this way myself. But of course one with less focus on the function alone but more with the look of the prosthetic. Made with simple means rather than all the technically. This project is intended as an experiment and focuses on the engineering but it really would make a fantastic work of artwork, in fact it is art!


And allthough I'm not sure if there is anyway to become another animal, as we are not quite able to comprahend what it's like to be another spieces I do believe we can become the human animal by accpting the animal parts of ourselves









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