Second Semester Thoughts and Ideas

January 31, 2018

As I am extremely busy with filming and the throw the Gauntlet festival at the beginning of this term. But weirdly taking part in all these other creative projects not related to my practice has actually helped my brain think more creatively, I have found since I have been working on these things my brain has been bubbling up lots more ideas than it did before. Just goes to show how that working this area brain, helps inspire more creative thoughts.The vague ideas I have are texture based and loose but I'm excited to try them out. 


Cone Piece I want to continue on with the cone piece I made last term. I am intrigued mostly by the movements made when wearing it, I want to work more into the performance aspects of the piece. As I mentioned before having my face covered and unable to see or breath anything but the musky animal smell it helps me forget that there is a camera filming me. I have some possible ideas about extending the coned motif to my other limbs. 

 Taking this pose were my arms are sorter than my legs so my torso is sloping down and making prosthetics  that allow me to walk on both my feet and hands comfortably and making them in the shape of cones. 


My other ideas are less to do with making more physical pieces, but more to do with different ways of filming or displaying. I want to take the shower piece from last term from a different angle. This time I want to install the projector in the top of the shower and angle it facing downwards to I can projects onto the shower tray. Recently it hasn't been draining so well and when I shower the water pools around my feet and in it collects all the dirt, skin and hair off my body and strangely enough it strikes me as a perfect thing to project onto. Coincidentally when I showed Andy my bath projection in a tutorial he encouraged I project into different materials on water rather than flower, as it had no relevants to the work, which I have to agree with. This has encouraged me to think of other materials that would be good to project onto water such as Feathers? Skin shavings? dust/lint? more bodily materials. I am not sure what exactly what will happen to the image when I project it onto the slightly reflective surface of the water in the shower tray, perhaps it will bounce onto the glass walls the surround it? which brings me to my next ideas.


When walking home at night after it has freshly rained, I looked at the puddles on the pavement. The street lamps reflected perfectly on the water. The blackness of the pavement helps the image reflect on the water. I want to capture this in my own work too. What if I were to create some reflective substance such as oil and poor it over the floor and simply film the reflections. Ideally have the camera on me and film myself some way. I like this idea of not capturing my self directly only through the reflection of something else.







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