Cone Piece

December 20, 2017

As a last mineut idea before I went home for the holidays I had a new idea for the calf skin. I wet and set the piece into a cone shape my idea was that the shape would suggest an animal presance when worn I imagined it over my face protruding out appearing like a abstract form of a beak or snout. 


I fashioned the fur into a triangle with hopes to roll it into a cone when it became dry. Because of the stiff nature of the fur it was not the most perfect cone. A bit misshapen in places, different to the perfect geometric cone I had envisioned in my head. 


I rather quickly set up my camera, sitting on my bed a tried it on. I do think the image is effective especially when I began moving with the piece, it felt as though it was an extension of my face, a limb and when my face is placed init all I can smell and see is the fur, the animal. This made me move more instinctively and feel less concious as of my body. I particularly like to move bent over, with my hands on the ground, 4 legged, in this pose my the cone touches the ground and my head is supported by the cone, fitting with my body.


Of course the cone could be refined and the setting for the picture is not working but I think revisiting this piece next term would be really interesting. I have images in my head of possible cones over my arms to help me walk. This piece reminds me more of my work last year as it is much more subtle/simplistic than my current work. What I feel is more progressive is the movements I make whilst wearing it. 







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