Playing with lighting and atmosphere

November 24, 2017

Today I thought it might be benifical to alter the way in which the pig mask and prosthetic breasts are read through altering the setting of my work. This was right out of my comfort zone extremely different for me. Normally with my work in the past its always displayed simplistic often in an ordinary setting, lots of natural light, surrounded by the white walls at home or in the studio. I've noticed the colour pallet of the majority of my work is a combination of earthy browns and blacks, skin tones and white light, it rarely changes from this. Last night I tried shooting with a very different colour pallet. I sourced a bright orange lamb from a flatmate, and a string of pink fiery lights from another. What would it be like to shoot in these pink hazy colours. I combined this with a need to paint my mask and body with exaggerated colours drawn from this photo.... 

 But the pink lights drowned most of this out. Gillian encouraged me to try out different colours, lighting seemed the most tangible way of doing this. I also experimented with a wider veriety of poses and actions, some being really human, sexual, provocative and funny, in my past work i'd avoided looking at the camera in my shots as I wasn't sure about directly confronting the viewer in this way. But now I decided to be right in the camera close eye contact to see what it would feel like viewing it. This work now has a completely different vibe to it, its quite amazing what lighting and posing can do. The bright pink gives the work less of a natural realistic look, but now it appears more theatrical or even dream like. The work can be read in a completely different way now, I feel the work looks more human than before, there is less of an animal presence. However I think this links strongly to my ideas about using an animal transformation to represent aspects of puberty. There is something about the messy bed and the young girly fiery lights that echos a girl becoming a woman, leading on to my next point...

This colour of course has a stigma of femininity and because of this I think it can be read with an emphasis on my female gender rather than just as a human.  There's also something far more camp and over the top  about it, I that it can be read as an exploration of sexuality,it has an almost fetish like seance in this setting. It reminds me of a phrase Mike Kelley used to describe his work 'Nostalgic depiction of the innocence of childhood' which he called "fake pornography" This picture that I am studying for my dissertation is is printed in black and white and sepia, the lack of colours makes it harder to read the image, there is a dark substance on one of the subjects legs, and we are unable to assess what it is. I think the bright pink has a similar effect, as all the paint on my body fades, I wish I'd taken inspiration from Kelley and smeared some paint on my inner thighs too. The fake pornography refers to the human assumption that the act is perverse, even though we are completely unsure as to what is happening in the image, the fact that the humans appear to embody more animal elements of ourselves leads to the assumption that it's perverse.

 Having said all that, I'm still not entirely sure how I feel about these pictures. It feels so different to have out comes like this, its so different that I can't decide if I like these pictures or not, I tend to only really discover how I feel about a piece once, upon reflection later on. Recording my work in this way could just stay as a one time thing or further invested at a later point. Whilst writing this I think I've come to the conclusion that perhaps the bed is not quite the write setting for this piece. I find myself draw to the bathroom, 






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