November 14, 2017

On Tuesday I had a few tutorials and crits, and received lots more feed back on the films I'd been making with the clips I'd film from the past few months. In many of these short films I'd used a combination of the prior mentioned sounds I'd collected, using parts if soundtracks, music from my "teenagehood" and other random stuff. The response from the other students was relatively positive, although Gillian suggested the sound was too much and was downing some of the clips, her putting that way made me see that perhaps in some bits it needs scaling back. I feel I really just need to think hard about when to leave sounds in and take them out. Maybe I need more texture in my sound and dial back the use of music and scores. This gives me the idea to start with silence in my film. Then make my own loose Foley over the top? perhaps my imagined ideas of how the film sounds might develop this way?


In my films I had tried to edit the work so there was a build up of subtle bodily imagery that crescendos into a reveal of the strange and slightly frightening pig performance. But most of my feedback was that the sudden change of subject was far too drastic. The two parts of the film where too different to seem cohesive. Many suggestions saying to separate the two films and work on them individually. At least now I  know that it wasn't working properly by getting this feedback. I could try cutting shot clips of the pig piece into the work and adjust the colours of the bodily pieces to create a smoother transition perhaps or just have the films separate. Another way would be to project them next to each other. Or perform the work next to the projection of the work.


From now on I'm going to try and be a bit more free loose with the work when filming, Just try stuff out even if I don't think it will work. This term I feel the pressure of third year and I think it's made me over think everything I make that really just waists time because thinking too much about what I film doesn't make the work any better it just makes it more restrictive.


I was encouraged to think about what I would do if I had to exhibit my work tomorrow, which leads to thoughts about how to install the work, which becomes a new work in it's self. I agree that considering my films in spaces will help my have a direction when making them. 









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