Adding sound to work?

October 27, 2017

This week I started to re edit and consider the sound in my work. I plan to focus more and more on sound in the coming weeks as this is really what makes a film feel sensory, it ads to atmosphere.  I find sound is the strongest tool when creating a base emotional reaction. Personally when I watch a film, I find the sound design is often what moves me the most in emotional scenes (happy, sad or scary), this includes silence if used in a provoking manner. The visuals obviously communicate the message but to truly affect the viewer you need to engage with another sense. Humans rely almost entirely on their sight when taking in the world our other senses are dulled compared to other animals. So I want to engage with the other senses as much possible. As far as what sounds I want to use, my ideas are as follows…

Sub base really low almost inaudible, enough to feel vibrations in the body?

Old vintage 50’s horror/ dance music that sound crackly, dated and strange and then distort it

Pig noises distorted

Human sounds such as humming or breathing slowly.

Hum with a contact mic on my skull or crest.

Record sound from speakers play it back in a loop?

music i listened to when I was going though puberty distorted to a point of not being to recognise it.  



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