Kira O' Reilly

October 26, 2017

Ealier today I came across an artist called Kira O' Reilly. She appears to be a relatively unknown artist in England. Her performance based works seem reinforce this connection with our bodies. She enfranchises bodily functions and fluids, suggesting she's read her fair share of Kristeva. But what really caught my attention was her work in regards to the animal. In 2005- 2009 she created Inthewrongplaceness in which she performs with a dead pig, she holds  it, dances with it. she also released some photos of the piece in which she almost appears to become part if the pig, which of course I love.  She is another artist that combines biology and art with the body and that to me is a big source of inspiration to seen an artist successful in a similar line of work .


"Inthewrongplaceness is inspired by the artist's investigations into tissue culture during a residency at Symbiotic A in 2004. The impact of working with pig's tissue in a lab setting instigated her thoughts on the similarities between the pig's skin and her own. By inviting audiences to touch both the human and nonhuman animal, Kira O'Reilly encourages them to engage with the complexities of the relationships between skin, touch and species." -

Coincidentally she also performed at Newlyn art gallery! I found an articular about about animal rights activists getting offended by a performance she did in Cornwall. If only i had been there for that! I wonder if any of the tutors I have seen it, I'll be sure to ask! link below




This is a more recant performance titled Asleep with a pig. Where she lived with a pig for a bit.








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