Installation Room

October 20, 2017

For the first time a dawned my pig snout and 4 extra breasts. After the mornings meeting with my tutor group, I rushed home to apple my makeup, using latex and eyelash glue I soon had my pig snout and teats placed on my body. Taking some cheap foundation I smeared it over my breasts and body, grabbing some acrylic paint I quickly coloured the prosthesis to look somewhat similar to the rest of my body. The strangest thing looked back at me in the mirror, theatrical and almost comical but undeniably repulsive. I quickly scuttled into uni, and barricade myself in the installation room genuinely embarrassed to be seen. Once alone in the dark room i set up the camera. I cracked open one of the windows allowing a small amount of light in the room, I wanted lower levels of natural light to soften the crudeness of the prosthetic to begin with. And then I just pigged about, trying out different actions poses and gestures on the camera on the spectrum between human to pig, allowing myself to become accustomed to the snout on my face. 



Again I managed to fuck up on one of the clips, and film it out of focus, but I really liked this quality too. I prefer the ambiguity of the subject over the blatant gross pig creature.


After this I then had a helping hand of my poor unsuspecting boyfriend by having him adjust how much light was being allowed in the room, from complete darkness to hard natural light. These shots made it appear as though the create had been stumble upon. Emerging from the darkness.


I then fired up the projector,placed it on the floor and played the bodily clips I had been working on. I then preformed the same pig/human gestures, I had earlier. The further I went on the more comfortable I felt and the better my movements became. Due to the nature of the films the light on my body was flickering rabidly and covered me in intermittent darkness to light. Vibrant flesh colours covered my body as they changed and shifted. This fared well for the look of the prosthesis as the eye was never fully able to focus on the subject as I was never light solidly for any period of time. This added to the over all ambiguity of it, and despite my doubt I really think the bright colours work with the performance. It definitely has the Horror (disgust) with violent reds and pinks flooding the screen, not allowing the creature to be fully seen is what initially installs the uncomfortable, uneasy feeling in the viewer of any horror flick. The hint of a snout here the second glance at an almost normal body only to realise the true uncanniest.

I also filmed all the same shots without the breasts on to make a more subtle version or It could be used as an in between stage of the transition. 










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