October 16, 2017

And so I've booked out an installation room to have my first go at trying out being a pig(Tuesday). In my last tutorial with Andy, we discussed doing something with the video compilations of the micro imagery of the body. He suggested filming them projected or on screens, bring the clips into a more physical plan, seeing what we can do with the clips when they take up a space. So with this advise I thought I would try pairing the videos with a performance, in makeup. Not only are we  gonna go with the classic projecting on the body set up, but I also want to try out projecting through felt again and just seeing what else I can come up with. 


Knowing that I had a day until I was going to use the room, and it was completely booked out for the next week I needed to have lots of experiments and ideas to fill my time in that room. And so I began thinking what else can I try. Knowing that I was going to be sporting my crudely made pig snout, I had the impulse to have a go at making 2 more sets of breasts down my torso. I was very aware that doing this would make the look much more campy, over the top and ridiculous, and this was new territory for me as my work in the past always had simple and natural/organic aesthetic to it. But it's worth a try. 

So there I was fashioning some fake latex teats by appling latex to my breasts then peeling it off then stuffing the hollow breast shape with wool. They looked as crude and harpahazard as I expected, but again I kind of liked that shit 80's horror flick assthetic. 


After this I went back to my previously filmed pig clips that I mentioned in a previous post. I wanted to perhaps incorporate some of them into my videos with the close up body imagery. Looking through the clips of pigs doing their pig things I found a sort bit where I'd fucked up and filmed the pigs close up with the camera out of focus. However this actually become the most interesting clip I had, it was highly ambiguous what I was looking as all that was clear to the viewer was the movement of flapping ears and twitching snouts. This clip here actually links my work very closely with the artist I am currently looking at for my dissertation.



Britta Jaschinski Created a serious of photographs in 1996 simply titled  "Animal" All the pictures in this series are out of focus or blurred so the animal subject in question is barely recognisable. She does this in order to simply acknowledge the animal as "other". Rather than push our own human assumptions and explanations onto the creature. And this is exactly what I want to take part in. 


I also paired the pig clips with some shots of chicken skin that I had filmed previously that day. On a micro level the skin of the chicken looks similar to the human, slightly more scaly, slightly more other.




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