Looking back at past works.

September 26, 2017

As I mentioned in my previous post, this year I have no initial plans going into the term. I think it would be beneficial to reflect/evaluate some past works in order to see what elements could help me create new works in future.  I also find that reflecting on my work after time has past really allows me to see the essence of the piece. Sometimes it's hard to know what I mean in my work whislt I'm doing it.





Domestic spaces

 These are the pieces where I would interact with the domestic space. I started creating these pieces when I was trying to take my work away from the white back drop of many of my works in study block 1. I believe the domestic setting provides contrast to the hairy, bodily work I had created. This lead to be being very interested in the external vs internal space and I feel this was very relevant when exploring what we appear on the surface vs what lies within. Although there is a chance I may revisit these spaces when considering where to preform/stage my works. I do not think I would gain more from doing it in this way (having the body emerge out of the barrier) I feel the birth imagery is a little over done and is a too literal/ovious way of representing it.  Having said that I would still be interested in filming inside these spaces, posibly with a night vision camera .





 One of the most successful and relevant of my works are my felt pieces. I used a combination of hair and sheep's wool to create a thin semi translucent felt, which I then projected onto and preformed behind. As this was my last piece of the year, I do not think I fully explored this technique of working with this semi translucent materials in this way. I especially like the piece where I lit myself from behind and preformed, It became more ambiguous as to what I was, unclean which species i belonged. I think it could do with revisiting as I could do it more successfully if I worked on it. I want to further explore this idea of obstructing the camera with materials and preforming behind it so that the subject is non identifiable. What if the felt was brought closer to the camera? what if i filmed through something else?




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