Artist Statement

Holly Roseveare’s practice includes a mixture of film, performance, body sculpture and installation. She is interested exploring human nature and biology from a primitive/animalistic stand point. Her work often relates to birth, death, the body and animals informed by her personal experiences growing up on a farm. With the aim to fully embrace what it is like living with an animal body. These ideas are expressed in her sensory films and video installations that often involve her own body dawning handmade prosthetics made form organic materials that allow her to reconnect with her body.
In her most recent work she performs wearing cone shaped prosthetics, covered in thick handmade felt with the aim to simply capture the gesture of an animal. She is heavily insipid by the idea of the prosthetic (artificial body part). Prosthetics are traditionally used to “fix” part of the body that may be damaged or lacking. But rather than using prosthetics as a way of restoring one’s body to a perceived normality or functionality, she uses them to transform into something other. They enable her to change the way in which the body would normally move and respond to the world. Wearing the creations allow her to engage qualities humans don’t normally use as acting members in society, qualities found normally in animals.

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